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  • Delivery

  • What should I do if my order hasn't been delivered yet?

    While we deliver most orders within 2-3 days. Some orders might be delayed during transit. These delays are often not our fault. Please reach out to use if you have not received a domestic order within a week.

  • How can I find your international delivery information?

    Currently we are offering delivery around Europe. If you would like to place an order from a country we don't currently deliver to please reach out to use at info@tigermade.eu to arrange delivery.

  • Who takes care of shipping?

    We offer free domestic shipping above 55 EUR (20000 HUF). During checkout you will be able to see whether you qualify for free shipping. All shipping and handling will be handeled by us.

  • How do returns or refunds work?

    We accept returns up to 30 days and offer a limited three months warranty on our products.

  • When will my order arrive?

    Your order should be deliverd by the time indicated during checkout, typically we will deliver your order within 2 days domestically, and within 7 days within Europe.

  • When will my order ship?

    All orders will ship out latest the next business day after payment was received.